Barrow House Inn FAQ

Can I Hear What Some Of Your Guests Have To Say?


"Of course, we loved our stay here! Doesn't everyone? But the food! I think it was the best I've ever eaten!" M. & C. H., Louisiana

"Is it any coincidence that the Barrow House is on Royal Street? I surely felt like royalty as I dined by candlelight and dreamt under the splendor of a four -poster bed."
B.K. Texas

"This house is a real dream for us French people. We are so kindly welcome, All is marvelous."
M. & M. T., France

"My sixth visit was every bit as wonderful as the first five." J. S., Great Britain

"We had wonderful dreams on the mattress of Spanish moss." M. & W. C., Germany

"The room and service is just magnificent!" P. R., Australia

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Barrow House Inn    9779 Royal Street     P.O. Drawer 2550    St. Francisville, LA 70775
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