Barrow House Inn FAQ

Why Do Guests Always Enjoy Staying
At Least 2 Nights At A Bed And Breakfast?

    Over the years, guests at Barrow House Inn have given us a few reasons why they
always enjoy staying more than one night:

1) It's much more relaxing, because you have a lot more time to enjoy your getaway.

2) You feel more comfortable in your surroundings and can fully experience all that the bed and breakfast has to offer.

3) In this area, there are several days worth of activities to take advantage of.  St. Francisville itself is by far one of the prettiest towns in this entire region. Simply walking around it is a true pleasure in itself.

     If you can make the effort to stay more than one night, you will be greatly rewarded. Memories will be made that you will cherish for years to come.

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