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What Are Some Of The Fantabulous
Attractions This Area Offers?

    (NOTE: Take a few minutes to read these pages and you will discover there is so much to do in this area, it is worth a stay of at least 2 days)

    Experience the Antebellum South: Eight area plantation homes, all within a 10 minute drive.

    For you nature lovers: This is a Cycling, Hiking and Birdwatching Paradise. Exclusive touring maps are available for all guests.

    For you shoppers: Antiques, collectibles, fabulous gifts, pottery and art galleries. Plus Museums, Golf, famous Civil War sites . . .

A Few Of The Area's Eight Tour Plantations

Rosedown Plantation:

   Circa 1835, an exquisite example of a "Gone With The Wind" plantation. Stroll down the fabulous oak alley and enjoy the 28 acres of formal gardens patterned after Versailles

Oakley Plantation:

    Circa late 1700s, an excellent example of a plantation from Louisiana's colonial era.  John James Audubon stayed here in the 1820s while tutoring the daughter of Oakley’s owner. He sketched almost 80 birds for his Birds Of America series in this area.

Greenwood Plantation:

    An elaborate reconstruction of a fabulous Greek Revival 1830 plantation that burned in 1960 and took 16 years to accurately rebuild.  On the tour, they tell a fantastic history of the people who settled the area in the late 1700s, particularly the Barrow family. It was also the location of the TV miniseries "North and South".

Cottage Plantation:

    Also a late 1700s plantation where Andrew Jackson stayed on his way home from the Battle Of New Orleans. The old attorney's office contains a fascinating collection of early radio and TV equipment from a pioneer in those fields who used it as his workshop!

Afton Villa:

    Simply spectacular gardens among the ruins of a plantation home which burned to the ground in 1962. Afton Villa is only open during the spring and fall so the gardens can be at their absolute peak for viewing.

Butler Greenwood Plantation:

    Circa late 1700s as well. Owned by famous local author and historian Anne Butler. The plantation itself is well-known for its Victorian parlor in the original condition, and is still owned by the same family after 200 years!

The Myrtles Plantation:

    Called "The Most Haunted House In America"; a late 1700s plantation.

Nature, Hiking, Bicycling and Birdwatching

Cat Island National Wildlife Refuge:

    This absolutely incredible national wildlife refuge is now open to the public!
9500 acres of forested wetland habitats for migratory birds, aquatic resources and endangered plants and animals.  Take the 3.5 mile scenic walking loop to experience cypress trees that are 500 - 1000 years old...The "Big Tree" is 52 feet in circumference, the largest tree east of the Rocky Mountains!!

 Clark Creek Nature Area:

    Established trails allow for bird watching, hiking past many waterfalls, spectacular trails and plants, and onto scenic bluffs through southern Mississippi and Louisiana.

Mary Ann Brown Preserve:

    Just a mile past Oakley Plantation. Maintained by The Nature Conservancy of Louisiana, 109 acres offering a self-guided interpretive trail.

 Tunica Hills Wildlife Management Area:

    A combined 5225 acres feature rugged hills, bluffs and ravines, offering a diverse habitat that supports plant and animal life found nowhere else in the state!


    West Feliciana Parish is widely hailed as having the best cycling in the state. Our exclusive maps are free for guests, however you must bring your own bikes.

Angola State Prison:

    Quite unique, as you might imagine at one of the most infamous penitentiaries in America. It includes an incredible display of weapons made by prisoners, known as "shills". And don't worry, you will be able to leave once you finish your visit!  Last year, Angola's world famous rodeo opened it's 6000-seat stadium,  which is packed every Sunday in October. In April there is more of the rodeo and a blues festival as well.

"Cajun Country":

    10 miles away, just across the Mississippi River by ferry in the town of New Roads. There you can take a very special tour of Parlange, a French-influenced plantation still owned by the original family after 250 years. You might meet its' vivacious owner, Mrs. Lucy Parlange. Eat at a fabulous Cajun restaurant, like Joe's Dreyfuss Store in Livonia, or just soak up the beauty of the False River area.


    If you play golf, The Bluffs is an Arnold Palmer course within a 10 minute drive.

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