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A New Orleans-style Full Breakfast of Eggs Benedict

Shirley with Chef John Folse In Kitchen             Shirley on the front porch with Chef John Folse

      Shirley with world-famous Cajun chef John Folse during her appearance on his TV show

       The recipes of owner-innkeeper Shirley Dittloff have been in numerous cookbooks over the years, one even popping up in the prestigious Gourmet magazine (see recipes below).

      She is also featured with internationally-renowned Cajun Chef John Folse in his cookbook "Warm Beignets and Hot Boudoirs" and appears with John in his national TV show on PBS  featuring Louisiana bed and breakfasts.

      Speaking of breakfast, at Barrow House Inn it's served in our historic dining room on fine china with sterling silver flatware. That's unique in itself, eh?

You have two options for breakfast:

     Shirley serves a Continental Breakfast of assorted pastries, muffins, tea breads and other goodies as well as fresh fruit and juice

       Or you can choose from 3 different New Orleans-style egg dishes:

1) Eggs Benedict (AKA the "Classic Bene"):

      2 eggs on slices of smoked ham piled upon 2 toasted English muffins covered with a rich and creamy Hollandaise sauce

2) Eggs Creole (AKA "Southern Eggs Benedict") :

      2 eggs placed upon our three-cheese grits with 2 slightly-spicy sausage patties.

3) Eggs Basin Street:

      An adaptation of the famous New Orleans wash-day dish, red beans and rice. 2 eggs nestled on a bed of white rice with a portion of red beans on one side and andouille sausage on the other.

     And-who-what, you say??? Ahn-DOO-eee. If you've never sampled andouille before, you are in for a real treat. It's similar to the French version, with a spicy garlic flavor.


Our Special Recipes!

      NOTE: Feel free to distribute these recipes far & wide as long as the proper credit is given. Just please do not sell them on the infamous recipe black market because you will most likely have a knock on your door from the Recipe Police.

Sticky Bran Surprise! Muffins  Featured in Gourmet Magazine!

Creole Eight Bean Soup

Mexicajun Potato Pie

Muffaletta Stuffed Bread

Praline Parfait

Ricotta Breakfast Quiche

Shrimp In Mustard Cream

Veal With Wild, Untamed Mushrooms

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